Sustainable House Day

For more than 19 years, Sustainable House Day has provided a great opportunity for hundreds of thousands of people to visit some of Australia’s leading green homes – ones that are not only environmentally friendly, but cheaper to run and more comfortable to live in.

The annual event takes a lot of organisation, which  20/21 are proud to have played a key role helping ease the administration required for such an achievement.

Based on a wordpress theme, we are pleased to have had the in-house skill and knowledge to accommodate all the requests helping the entire project grow and thrive into what it is today.

Special Note
The website integrates seamlessly with the Google Maps API to allow the user to pick an exact location on the map should their address not be recognised.

Easier, Quicker, More Productive


The administration behind making Sustainable House Day a success is huge, we are pleased to have been able to support and automate some of the tasks required to help make the day the success it is. From year to year the website grows with more demanding requirements than those previously, but here at 20/21 Creative we love a challenge.

Technical Features

The Sustainable House Day search engine relies on a radius calculation which requires each property to have a latitude and longitude value – we were able to seamlessly integrate the website into the Google Maps API so a registering user can easily drag and drop a pin should their address not be recognised in the google places API.

Streamlining the theme has increased the speed of the site by 31% and we’re not finished with the list of improvements we want to make.

The site now sports automated features from one year to the next – with an intuitive search engine that automatically provides varying results depending on how close to the next event you are.

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