Standard Media Index

Standard Media Index (SMI) provides insight into advertising pricing and spend data for agencies, content owners and anyone else in the content marketing space.

Their data access primarily focuses on the massive American TV market, through to advertising channels and right through to digital content.

If someone, somewhere has paid for an Ad, SMI will know how much it cost.

When Standard Media Index (SMI) approached us to develop their digital presence and product messaging, we knew we had to convey a complex product in a simple way.

We also had to work with a global team that was split between Australia, New Zealand and New York. While the technology to organise and project manage the build was readily available – coordination and scheduling was definitely interesting.

Their powerful product offering crossed multiple demographics and and could overwhelm a layman. It was difficult to finesse the messaging down to something that would not only be easily understood, but that would intrigue the user to continue to engage with the site.

Working closely with the team at SMI, we were able to distil the core of their product offering into a hard hitting and compelling message. Focusing on the power functionality of accurate data and the benefits it can bring to businesses in the online content space.


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