The Robin Boyd Foundation


Robin Boyd is arguably the most influential architect there has been in Australia. Through his writings Boyd inspired the general community and through his architecture he has become an acknowledged leader in the design and architectural professions. He was a renowned Victorian architect, author, critic, and public educator in the 50s and 60s, a leader in Melbourne’s Modern Architecture movement, a visionary in urban design, and outspoken on the ‘Australian Identity’.

Capturing the design elements and aesthetics of the famed architect proved no small feat. Robyn Boyd’s style was modest and understated, yet deliberate with an attention to detail.

This meant subdued use of colours and an emphasis on tones. Details such as fonts and user experience take point, making way for the user to experience the style of the architect while learning more about the foundation.

In addition to the design elements, the site had to feature and seamlessly integrate elements into the build such as:

  • regularly updated events section
  • an e-commerce platform
  • membership section

Bespoke Events Expansion

In Commemoration of 100 years since Robin Boyds birth, 20/21 were commissioned to build an events page separate to the rest of the websites event system.

We obliged and easily overcame any interesting technical hurdles such as the search and filter system, separating this set of events from the rest of the website – and the most interesting of all was integrating the vertical lines throughout the page whilst keeping the design on responsive devices.

Special Note
Events Ticket System

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