Redflex is an innovative technology company, designing and creating solutions for a world on the move. They are proud to provide solutions to the traffic industry making our roads smarter, safer and greener.

Based on the popular Genesis WordPress Framework, the website is a visual delight with full-screen video presentations, a non-conventional navigation system and content slider animations on various pages.

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Multi Site
Special Features
Fully Integrated Feature Rich Download Resources Portal


Despite the uncommon look and feel that Redflex enjoys, it continues to boast a responsive framework based on the bootstrap css grid. A full screen scroller system ensures that each section fits the screen regardless of the device.

We enjoyed the challenges that the Redflex build brought, and revel in its success.



Redflex is based on the wordpress multi-site framework. We recognised this as the best method for the situation as it would allow each site to conform seamlessly to same theme and updates ensuring their brand identity follows through each.

Resources Portal

As well as the visitor websites, the system boasts a fully featured resources portal for customers. The hosted resources are easily controlled by the website admin and required the ability to control which could be accessed by various groups of users.

The task was completed with all requirements satisfied

Demonstration Videos

Part of the unique design facilitates the ability to demonstrate product videos as part of the page itself. The system has been uniquely built to provide extremely complicated layouts and features by simply inserting something like a video URL into a box.



The website admin has been structured in such a way that adding a new full screen section is as easy as clicking a button. Some options are available to edit such as the sections background colour, then the content can be entered in either plain text, html or via a WYSIWYG as normal.


External Data

If the website wasn’t informative enough, it also imports the companies ASX data into a section via a shortcode. The facility provides graphs and lists with filterable dropdowns for each year

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