Redflex is an innovative technology company, designing and creating solutions for a world on the move. They are proud to provide solutions to the traffic industry making our roads smarter, safer and greener.

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The relaunch of just over a year ago was met with such success that 20/21 Creative was tasked with even more updates and changes – molding the website to meet with new direction and focus just a year on.


The website design continues to maximise the screen real-estate. Even more so with the latest updates as we have moved the floating footer into a right hand side sliding menu. The “vanishing” header bar with menu now only shows on mouse movements. The right hand side tabs have been improved to implement a slide-out tray action, providing similar “further information” users saw in the floating footer navigation.


Redflex is based on the wordpress multi-site framework. In the 2020 update, we thought it would be beneficial to remove the Genesis framework and create a completely bespoke and efficient theme 100% designed for Redflex, requiring fewer updates. The site continues to utilise wordpress’ “Multi-Site” framework, but this time round, we have combined two of the sites into one.

Resources Portal

As well as the visitor website, the system boasts a fully featured resources portal for customers. The hosted resources are easily controlled by the website admin down to such granular detail as accessibility from users profiled into separate groups.

The 2020 updates added improved facilities such as a my account area, your redflex team, customised navigation for user resource accessibility and an updated category navigation system.

Future updates will include a bespoke dealer email shot system with pre-defined templates complete with Redflex branding.

Products Pages

The product pages for Redflex continue to relay a wealth of information through a category structure. The user is carefully funneled into the product they are looking for via three layers of categories.

Look Out For…

Shortly to come is an interactive SVG map plotting global case studies. The map is split up into clickable regions which zoom in to show clickable map markers. Each marker shows a summary of a case study with an option to link to view more.

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