Holiday Shacks


Holiday Shacks has worked closely with 20/21 for more than 8 years to establish the brand look and feel and grow her place in the luxury accommodation sector. After a growth phase in the last 5 years, we were engaged to implement and plan an effective marketing strategy moving forward.

As part of the digital marketing strategy, we really wanted to delve in and find out the primary business objective for the next 5 years for Andrea and her team.

The business objectives of Holiday Shacks needed closely align with the marketing plans and creating transparency and weekly conversation with our team was critical in measuring the success.

We continue to work with the team on new and exciting campaigns…

In addition to the design elements, the site had to feature and seamlessly integrate elements into the build such as:

  • regularly updated events section
  • an e-commerce platform
  • membership section

Booking System

The website integrates into an external booking system via both iframes and api’s.

October CMS
Special Note
Events Ticket System

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