24-7medcare header

November 2020 Showcase – 24-7Medcare Goes Live!

This month, 20/21 creative collaborated with Brandbuild  to rebuild a website for 24-7Medcare. The existing 24-7Medcare site was built in .net but this time round a new look, feel as well as framework was used – of course we went with wordpress.

The design team at Brandbuild had perfected a new header, navigation, roll-over states, modal windows for an iframe based booking system as well as the look and feel of the blog system. All was accomplished until everyone was happy and the site looked great on all screen sizes – we’d expect nothing less.

On mobile, the header was even designed to flip sides entirely, with the logo swapping to the right and the navigation draw sliding out from the left.

There were a number of other heavily customised sections to the site, such as a nested accordion and custom build header scroller – but working as a team and sharing a codebase using git – were able to get the desired result – of course 😉

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