September 2020 Showcase – Sustainable House Day

Of course our September showcase is dedicated to our long standing client – Sustainable House Day brought to you by the wonderful people at Renew. For those not “in the know” – SHD is an annual event that enables home owners to open their innovative, sustainable, eco-friendly homes to like-minded home owners allowing all to share thoughts, ideas and improvements made on their journey of creating their perfect environmentally friendly habitat. A much loved endeavor by everyone here at 20/21 Creative.

Due to the events of 2020 ( everyone being locked indoors destroying as much of Netflix as possible ) – the Sustainable House Day event this year took place on a virtual level! This meant a whole new level of modifications to the website – including a new look and feel for the home page, as well as modified registration forms and new systems and sections to accommodate for virtual tours and videos.

Sustainable House Day - September Update
sustainable House Day 2020 update
Sustainable House Day - Comments system
Ssustainable House Day - 2020 new listing page

The homepage navigation system underwent some fairly heavy structural changes to account for the new home page layout. We also installed the ability to modify the home page via WP Bakery – our editor of choice here at 20/21 Creative. We love its ease of use for page admins but also its ability to add and code custom modules that can make it even easier for page admins to achieve a look and feel that is consistent throughout their pages.

The listing page also included some rather large additions and modifications that came about through adding “types” of listings. Now its not just homes that can be listed, you’ll start to see Commercial Properties as well as Gardens appear. Of course the listing page needed to be tailored to allocate the different types of listing attributes.

The final addition that was very welcome was the return of the comments system. The old tired comments system was still heavily reliant on the old heavy framework that was stripped out for last years SHD Day. So this needed to be re-written. Being AJAX based, so with no page refreshes – the new comments system is much more efficient, and allows the upgrade for auto-refreshing if required in the future – creating more of a “chat” style comments system.

… and very very finally ( yes, we did a lot on the site this year! ) – Due to all the performance upgrades in recently years we were able to take the site off Amazon Web Services and host it on a smaller but just as reliable – more cost effective server – without any performance loss!


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