Magento 2.0 Upgrade


Magento 2 is around the corner. The schedule release date is in last quarter of 2015. If you are already on a Magento 1.x platform then you should be thinking about upgrading to Magento 2.

Although the upgrade path from Magento 1.x version(s) to Maganto 2 is not straight forward, it is certainly advantageous. Magento 2 has been revised from ground up. The whole architecture has changed in favour of a faster development process, easier integration and much needed improved performance.
Magento 2 can be twice as fast as Magento 1.x in most cases, if properly configured.

Theme Structure

The old theme structure has completely changed to make development easier. Theme architecture is very different than Magento 1.x. Upgrading from the old version will
be time consuming and step by step process. The ideal process would be to completely redesign your store for the Magento 2 structure.
Here is the link to understanding what to change for the themes.


Different performance benchmarks show that Magento 2 is much faster & stable than Magento 1. The key performance improvement comes from the following changes:

  •  Better indexing: Indexing is the key element which reduces the time Magento has to spend querying the database. It has been greatly improved to reduce the query times.
  •  Varnish caching: Varnish cache is one of the fastest caching technologies. Magento 2 now supports full varnish cache integration.
  •  Database handling:  Magento 2 can work with multiple database instances at the same time, which reduces load on the database server compared to a single database instance for the whole system.

Easier Admin Area

Magento 2 has a simplified user interface in Admin areas for merchants. It is very easy to understand, and much easier than the legacy Magento 1.x interface design.

Simplified checkout process

The checkout page in Magento 2 is also optimised for simpler navigation.

Demo Store

If you are a merchant and want to check how Magento 2 looks and works, or you just want to get the Magento 2 experience, we can give you access to our temporary Magento 2 store.
Please contact us or give a quick call on 03 9995 1184 to set it up.

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