Oh Pinterest, We love you!

Yes 20/21 is on the Pinterest bandwagon but there are so many reasons to be. Who wouldn’t want to spend hours looking at pretty pictures of things you want to have and places you’d rather be? We are especially partial to it as the design side of us thrives on visual stimulation, and Pinterest is a visual feast for sure.

For those of you unfamiliar with this social media phenomenon, Pinterest is a virtual pinboard where people share inspiring and beautiful images. They create different boards that reflect their different interests and share them with others that follow them. And it is growing in popularity every day. In fact as of February 2012 members numbered over 18 million (source: Why is Pinterest So Addictive?) and over 2012 had 27,223 million unique visitors in the US alone (source: Pinning the Competition).

Another of its eye catching points is Pinterest’s purchasing potential. 1 in 5 pinners has purchased an item they previously pinned (source: Vision Critical).

So then the big question is should your business spend time and resources on it? We think so (depending on the type of business).

If your business:

  • Has amazing product photos and
  • Main demographic is females, aged 18-34

then Pinterest may be worth looking into.

For more information and to delve into the depths of this social media phenomenon see 20/21′s board of Pinterest Infographics with links to articles and infographics. Also worth checking out is Pinterest’s own Business page.

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