Top Design Trends 2014

Infographics. Yes they seem to be popping up everywhere these days. And yes, some are admittedly better and more engaging than others. Yet at 20/21 we have been falling hard for infographics done well. Why? Well a good infographic can package a lot of data up in an image that is easy on the eye AND teaches the reader something new. They can be deadly serious or funny and lighthearted, perfect for most purposes really, it just depends on what angle you want to take. And seriously who wouldn’t prefer something that is easy to read that wading through a pile of data?

A great site to check out is Full of data visualisations about anything and everything, it is a great place to waste a few hours.

And below we have found some particularly nice Infographics for your viewing pleasure. If you click on each picture it will take you to its source. Be warned though, it is a bit of a scroll to the bottom of the page!










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